DUFFLER creates luggage for active individuals and vagabonds looking to share and connect with each other.

Founded in 2015, DUFFLER was created by Tobias Vahlne and Klas who wanted to integrate adventure into their daily life. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, DUFFLER combines military-grade functionality with class and style, so you can take your bag on the road wherever you go. 

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Duffler: More than a Smart Bag
Tobias Vahlne
Tobias Vahlne...
Duffler sponsors the Stockholm Multi Island Run. Run the entire Stockholm Archipelago, from northern Arholma to Utö, in one day. ~70km crossing 8 of the major islands, SMIR is a world unique experience.
We at DUFFLER have worked closely with THISWORLDEXISTS since 2015, and we're super excited to share all the great things this fantastic organization has been doing to support education around the world. TWE are adventure travel guides that blend travel and volunteer projects to adventurers looking to give back during their time abroad. What makes TWE special is that, as well as bringing a lot of value to communities in need, also organize super cool adventures around the world.
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"An awesome bag with some very practical accessories! I really like the good quality plastic bag for toilet items - so easy at the airport as it is removable from the duffler - clever! The quality of the material used and the overall construction of the duffler is superb! Any outdoor type person needs a duffler - you will not be disappointed!"
Dave Reeves
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