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January 30, 2018 15:33

Duffler Bags – A bag that connects your real life experiences with the digital world


Tobias Vahlne

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Duffler Bags – A bag that connects your real life experiences with the digital world Duffler, the premium bag manufacturer from Sweden, is launching on Indiegogo their latest travel bag aimed at digital adventurers looking for thrills and challenges.


Stockholm, SE. 8 June 2015


The Duffler One, the aptly named duffel bag, covers all the main needs by providing a high quality bag made out of lightweight, durable and waterproof materials, with a ten year warranty. But that’s not where the bag really stands out. The bag is aimed at adventurers who believe in challenges, and with Duffler, you receive “Badges” when you achieve your targets! 


There is room for up to 24 different badges right on the bag. This clever system is aimed at pushing the adventurers to their limits, providing them a simple but alluring reward when they make it.


For the digital adventurer, there’s also a personal “Beacon” supplied with every bag, that tracks the bags every move and automatically updates an online journal with the location and the temperature of the latest adventure. The badges are of course also represented in the journal automatically, and the beacon is compatible with both iOS and Android.



- Outer lining: Coated polythene fabric

- Components: YKK brass Zippers and high quality buckles

- Size: 450mm * 250mm * 250mm

- Volume: Approx 45L

- Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)

- Colors: Coyote (Medium Beige) and Tarmac (Green/Gray)

- One pocket on the outside and three pockets on the inside. One concealed pocket on the inside where you could put the beacon, passport or money.


Duffler is an established Swedish bag manufacturer and with the campaign, they plan to fund the creation of the Mobile app to connect the bag with the phone.The Duffler One is currently set to be delivered worldwide by August this year if the company reaches their target of €35,000 on Indiegogo. 


For more information on Duffler and the Duffler One, check out the official website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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