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May 14, 2015 2 min read

As we have mentioned earlier, it could be a great opportunity for a business to get involved in the DUFFLER community by issuing one or several challenges. Our DUFFLER challenges is a great method for inspiring people to come and try something new. And they might come from all over the world. It is also a way to stay in contact with people that now are carrying your badge with pride on their DUFFLER bag.

The Australian non-profit organisation thisworldexists has decided to make a DUFFLER challenge, together with a badge, for promoting their amazing La Hausteca adventure. The adventure takes off in Tamasopo, Mexico and continues along a number of stunning landmarks like;

The fantastic waterfalls at Puente de Dios, the caves at Sotano de las Golindranas, the Tamul Waterfalls and the mythical Las Pozas Castle. And all these great places are mixed with activities like kayaking, cascading from waterfalls, exploring caves and mountain biking.

And to make this adventure something special they take a little moment just next to the Tamul waterfall where participating members of the DUFFLER community are rewarded with the little badge.

After a couple of days with amazing experiences and breathtaking sceneries you arrive in Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It is finally time to sit down, relax and reflect upon all the impressions you have been bombarded with during the last days. And while drinking that beer you maybe also take a look at the new badge you have on your DUFFLER bag and maybe browse among among the memories you have in your digital travel journal. In the DUFFLER app you could see the trail you have followed together with your notes and images.

For thisworldexists it is now possible to see how the news from exciting guests spreads among the DUFFLER community and in their social media. Maybe they are triggered to create a second adventure that is only open for previous participants that also have a badge for Repelling. The second adventure aims for the caves at Sotano de las Golindranas, where the participants relay completely on their climbing ropes when sliding out into the big black caves….