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September 14, 2017 3 min read

Duffler's travel bag stands for world-class style and unbeatable durability. 

Adventurers who purchase our bags are known under the friendly moniker Dufflers - because when they buy into the Duffler name, they're part of a worldwide community of travelers who prioritize adventure as a lifestyle. 

Dufflers love their bag because it's surprisingly flexible, functional and fits way more things than they expected. You can take it on the road wherever you go - whether it's cobblestones or dirt paths. 

The Duffler travel bag is an amazing travel companion that will love to travel with you anywhere you end up - from the streets to the sand dunes: 

  • Hiking in rocky mountains
  • Trudging through snowscapes
  • Fishing at the lake
  • Enjoying a weekend sailing trip
  • Exploring the Sahara desert
  • Trekking through hip Stockholm
  • Wandering through dusty Addis Ababa

Here are 5 examples of trips you can make with a Duffler One travel bag. You might be surprised at its versatilith.

Oh, and with Duffler One, it's not as much trouble to carry only a carry-on as Forbes would have you believe ;-)

Trekking in Rocky Mountains: Skiing, Climbing, Walking

The Swiss Alps are the epitome of rocky mountains. Whether you love skiing, rock climbing, glacier hiking or distance hiking, Swiss Alps has everything you could want for soft or hardcore adventure. 

Your Duffler travel bag is amazingly durable in these very challenging conditions. It can stand extremely low temperatures, with a water-resistent exterior. Moreover, it is made with the highest quality in mind, to beat the rocky, rough conditions of the mountains.

Oh, and if you have time to catch some awesome pics of hidden gems in the Swiss mountains - be sure to submit them to the Duffler team and collect cool travel badges in return, so you'll always remember your most daring adventures.

mountain travel bag

City trips

A city trip can sometimes be a hassle. You need to pack a lot of small things - electronics, small gifts, chargers, prescriptions, camera... the list goes on. Fortunately, Duffler has an answer for even the tiniest of odds and ends: our durable pockets, 2 small inside, 1 large inside, 1 hidden (sssh! secret) and 1 outside. Keep your stash hidden away from pickpockets but still easy enough to grab at a moment's notice - if you know where to look. 

Moreover, as the bag looks freakishly stylish, you'll be able to wander around the metropolitan streets of cities like London, Paris, and New York without a care in the world. 

city trip travel bag

Adventure with a Stylish Travel Bag

But it's during hardcore adventures that Duffler truly shines. 

Acquiring gear for Hard adventure can be a challenge. Fortunately, Duffler One is also versatile when it comes to surviving in severe climates, over days and even weeks, in a range of elements. 

Adventure requires the very best of each and every aspect of a travel bag. Temperatures can get extremely high (arid and hot like the desert, tropical and humid like the rainforest, or icy and slippery like the Himalayas). You will undoubtedly cross waters, whether it is a lake or sea or waterfalls. You need to pack extremely carefully, only what is necessary and the most practical to assist you for several days. 

Duffler One was created with all these conditions in mind. It is the one-stop shop when it comes to a handheld, lightweight yet versatile bag. 

And let's not forget that the DUFFLER mobile app will notify you when you have been to one of those very cool places which we call "marks." And you will get a travel badges to congratulate you on your achievements.

adventure travel bag

Long trip

Traveling to far places requires a very flexible travel bag. You'll need to pack a lot, and use the real estate of your bag as effectively as possible. Most likely, you'll use your Duffler One as hand luggage while checking in large suitcases. But we have also made designed the DUFFLER One with a completely soft top to make it easy to store away in the suitcase should you need to. Interestingly, Dufflers unanimously say that their bag always exceeds their expectations when packing for a long trip. 

trip travel bag

Summer holiday

Last but not least, a relaxing holiday is also suitable with a Duffler. Spending a summer in Croatia or Mexico? Pack your beach gear in our bag! The coyote color of the bag blends in naturally with the beach sand. When going swimming, you'll need a useful handbag to pack all your swimming gear, towels, sun lotion and shovels/buckets (for the kids!). A Duffler is so flexible, it almost magically adapts to its volume. It will also help you stand out a bit! The next time you're on the beach, take a look around you. Not often do you see stylish bags in a place like this...