August 13, 2017

Not everyone has time to constantly travel around the world, that’s why DUFFLER wants to inspire you for your future adventures and for that we have built a list of 5 things you can’t miss when visiting Amsterdam. The best about this is that you can pack everything you need in your DUFFLER to explore Amsterdam.
No 1. Rent a bike! The best way to get the real Amsterdam experience is to bike around the city. If you are traveling together with friends, family or in a group we recommend that you make the bike ride a little more fun and rent a tandem bicycle, we can assure you that those bike rides will be great memories. Vondel Park is a great park to visit by bicycle and in there you can also find the iguana park.
No 2. Taste beers! Netherlands have a lot of know beers, it’s the home country for Heineken so don’t miss out on their special Heineken experience. But what we recommend is to take at least one night and go to a place where you can “tap & dine”, there you can taste a lot of beers directly from taps while you’re having dinner.
No 3. Take a boat tour around the city with one of the many city canal cruise. Amsterdam has a lot of canal’s around the city and by boat you can explore the cities great architecture, and who does not like a boat tour occasionally.
No 4. You might not be that interested in art or maybe you really are, anyhow do not miss out on the Vincent van Gogh museum it is the perfect opportunity to discover his modern art paintings.There is also other museums to visit so it is up to you to find your inner cultural mind. 
No 5. The Red-Light District. One of the most famous neighborhood of Amsterdam is the red-light district. It is very different of what people can think it is like, nowadays it is a very friendly neighborhood and not as dangerous as it used to be. Here you can take tours that can explain the history of the streets as well as get a better understanding of how it can be possible to function as is does today.
Well the rest of the city we want you to explore with your own DUFFLER and see it with your own eyes. So why not book that weekend trip to get out of the ordinary life and take the opportunity to explore a city like Amsterdam.

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