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March 05, 2018 4 min read

Our Duffler, Jorge, was kind enough to share with us his awesome trip on the coast of Portugal last month. Follow his wanderlust on Instagram at @jorge_m_m. 

If there is one hobby I have in life, it’s traveling. No, it’s not a hobby--it’s my passion, my way of life. Nothing compares to the feeling I have when I’m in a new place. That feeling of being lost, of being out of my comfort zone. Nothing makes me feel more alive.

When I got back home after a whole year traveling the world, my room felt so tiny, so empty.

I am there, present, doing my best to stay quiet the whole Christmas holiday.My Duffler is in the corner. It’s surprising the space it takes in my room when it is empty, literally nothing!But the Duffler is bored… me and my bag buddy, we’re are not made for that. We’re both nomads. We were built to live adventures…

2017 is coming to an end. As I promised my parents, I’m still at home, trying to be a good kid. For Christmas at least.

Suddenly, the phone rings. A friend is calling me:

Friend: Hey buddy, what’s going on? Are you in for a road trip in Portugal?

Me: Hell--yes!

A few weeks later, in February, I’m stuffing my Duffler with everything I need. Crossing off the checklist;

  • Some outdoor clothes in the main area of the bag.
  • A camera, GoPro and some extra gear, which fit perfectly in the two small pockets inside.
  • Running clothes in the big inside pocket ( I just love running in new places!).
  • Finally keys, passport, cards and some cash in the handy outside pocket. A handy pocket for stressful moments!  

Double check done. We’re ready to go!!!

Me, a passionate amateur photographer and my friend, a professional one, are driving straight away to the South of Portugal. Why South of Portugal, you ask? That’s a question I’d expect from someone who hasn’t been there (no offense!), my dear reader.

We’re heading to Algarve. Kilometers of wonderful, sparkling coast where you get lost in between cliffs, hidden beaches, colorful sunrises, and sunsets… This is a paradise right in the south of Europe.

It’s February…and don’t I know it! We’re definitely not going in the right season of the year. It’s winter and it’s cold. But that’s what I love about the South of Europe: the sun is always glowing, glistening in the sea and the eyes. So as long as you’re out in between sunrise and sunset, the weather is lovely. I promise!


On our first day, we wake up as early as the sunrise, spending the whole day exploring the coast until the sun comes down. I bring the Duffler with all our camera gear (not to forget that winter jacket!). The Duffler has different straps which makes it extremely comfy to carry while walking a long way.

We’re literally two of the last people to admire the sun as it says goodbye to the whole of Europe. See you tomorrow huge bright ball!

It’s 7 pm. We’re super tired, exhausted from the long day. We’re packing up everything in the Duffler. But it wasn’t over by a long shot.

The beaches along Algarve’s coast are so remote that there never is any light pollution. As the sun is sinking down over the horizon, her sisters start twinkling in the sky.

We look at each other. There’s no way we can leave now.” Take the tripod and some chocolate bars dude, the day’s not over yet.

Our cameras are on again! It’s time for some long exposures.

The days in Algarve pass in a whirlwind of car, sunrises, photos, coffees, beaches, cliffs.

- Stop the car! Have you seen that kind of cave right there!!??
- Buddy that is way too far. We can’t get there.
- Dude I know the drone is super comfy back there in the Duffler… but sometimes he wants to fly away!!
- (Smile..) Let’s do it!!



It’s now five days since I put my Duffler inside the car. My friend needs to go to Lisbon for a job. The plan is to leave him there and I will keep driving after straight away back home in Spain. Eight hours later, I’m back at my parents’ home.

My mother is at the door. She looks at me…“OMG you look so tired!”

I just smile and say, “I am good, Mom.”

Because if there is something I’ve learned while traveling is that when you do what you love, it doesn’t matter how tired you feel, you can’t complain.

I go to my room, and dammit! I am so exhausted. Set the Duffler down on the floor, and my body on the bed. I need to rest. Set up an alarm for tomorrow even though I don’t need to wake up early. But as I always say…

"The world is too big and life too short, so can’t sleep for long..."