September 10, 2017

Are you planning an adventure travel to the fabulous vacation spots on the Hawaiian Islands? There are so many exhilarating experiences to choose from, lots of modern iconic places and also lesser known gems that the locals know that would certainly be worth your money and time. Here is a list of 10 exciting and unexpected activities to carry out when visiting Hawaii

Helicopter tour of Kauai landscapes

The majestic views of Kauai landscapes rose to the limelight after being featured in the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park. The views are best enjoyed by a helicopter tour to see the pristine waterfalls. A snorkeling trip reveals its variety of highly precious and unique aquatic life as 25% of the coral reef fish can only be found here alone. The waters around the Hawaiian island is home to about 680 species of fish. For a bit, more adventurous sailing along the coasts of the Kauai landscapes is a great way of appreciating its majestic beauty.

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Hawaii marine wildlife encounter

Hawaii offers the best diving destinations the world and a catamaran snorkeling excursion reveals what could easily be themed the 8th wonder of the world. There are ways of connecting with man's natural way of living. Hawaii offers you an opportunity to experience it. The marine aqua ecology is highly productive with dolphin species unique to Hawaii alone like the toothed dolphins and baleen whales. Experiencing the Hawaii history and culture is not complete without the knowledge of its aquatic environment. The first voyagers and early men that came to Hawaii kept a heavenly relationship with its marine environment, and the ocean was their muse. The origin of life is believed by the local people to be from an awakening coral polyp. The population on the Hawaii islands depend on the ocean and its riches for survival.

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Run through the world largest plant maze in Hawaii

The garden runs through two acres of land to form the largest plant maze in the world. The maze features over 14,000 plants and there are many possible routes instead of one winding path. The maze is designed in such a way that entails 8 different stations within the structure and the fastest time a tourist has completed is written at the entrance. For most visitors, it takes between 1-2 hours to complete but the record breaking time is seven minutes.

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Experiencing the Hawaiian Polynesian culture

The Hawaiian Islands is a surreal tropical paradise with dreamlike beaches for adventure travel, enchanting sunsets, majestic waterfalls and brightly colored coral reefs teeming with a variety of aquatic life. But what makes Hawaii distinct from adventure travel locations around the world is its fundamental cultural values, its legends and its traditions. A tourist visit to the Hawaiian settlements of the early men reveals they had an excellent knowledge of celestial bodies and could navigate the oceans without measuring instruments using only the sunrise and sunset as guides.

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Surf the majestic ocean waves

It doesn't matter if you are not a professional surfer, wave riding in Hawaii cuts across all levels of experience. The south shore reserved for newbie surf riders on active travel and the Kahalu'u bay in Khona; the big island is filled with surf instructors to teach amateurs how to get familiar with the surfing board. The Oahu north shore is a famous surf viewing location. And also, home to the most challenging surf spots in the world like the sunset beach and Banzai Pipeline. Surfing in Hawaii is not just an eventual pastime; it is a traditional activity. Hosting 5000 world class professionals, in the annual vans triple crown event.

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Take a spiritual like journey on your destination down the roads to Hana

The Pipiwai trails which go through Hana hosts the bamboo forests and the incredible waterfalls. The Okana district of Kipahulu is a mind burgling location, 12 miles away from Hana. It is overshadowed by enormous mars like craters and the 10,000-foot volcano summit. The seven sacred pools in Oheo Gulch is known for carrying water from upland streams and emptying it into the Pacific Ocean.

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The heart melting experience of lava flow at the Hawaii volcano national parks

There are very few places around the world where tourists can come face to face with an active volcano. The Hawaiian volcano national park offers one of such truly mesmerizing experience which is an unexpected activity.  All the Hawaiian Islands were literally forged by the power of volcanoes erupting from the sea. There are currently two active volcano sites in Hawaii islands; Maunaloa and Kilauea. There is Loihi which is located underwater off the southern coast of Hawaii islands.

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The unwinding spa packages

Packing your travel bags on an adventure to Hawaii will not be complete without the notion of unwinding and detoxifying your body of stress and toxic materials. Every island in Hawaii offers a variety of spa treatments and hosts superb spa facilities—like the willow stream spa of the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea, Maui.

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Diving with the humpback whales in Maui

Arriving the shores of Maui between January and March gives you an opportunity to experience the spectacular show put on by diving humpback whales on the coast. Maui is the only location in the world where over 10,000 whales migrate during the winter to mate, give birth and nurse their young. The national oceanic and atmosphere association partners with visitor centers to enlighten tourists on the principles of conservation and the historical relationship between the local people of Hawaii and the sea.

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Ziplining adventures through the big islands

Tourists arrive the big island in Hawaii with their DUFFLER bags can enjoy the newest trend in zip lining called the Combo tour. The tour starts off by zip lining through multiple courses and finishes off by a dip in the private fresh waters of Akaka falls. This event offers even more thrilling, and exhilarating fun for children and adults as each guest can zip line through the majestic boulders of the Mt. Haleakala areas.

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