July 12, 2017


Just like our slogan “every DUFFLER tells a story” we now want to hear your DUFFLER stories. We want to know where you have traveled with your companion so that we together can inspire both other DUFFLER’s as well as future DUFFLER’s.

That’s why we would love to hear from you and to make it easier we have a few questions that could guide you summarize your trip.

  1. What was your destination?
  2. What was the main reason for the trip?
  3. Best experience and most memorable thing of the trip?
  4. What would you recommend for future visitors?

We will be posting a new story at least once a month, the more stories we collect the more posts will come up. These stories will be posted at Duffler.com for everyone to read and the ones sharing their stories will of course receive a small gift as a reward.

Send your story to stories@duffler.com

Let’s inspire more people together, share your story so that more people dare to travel.

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