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October 24, 2017 2 min read

This is a story of a DUFFLER owner who visited Budapest in Hungary, an amazing destination for a weekend citytrip. Many Dufflers love their DUFFLER One travel bag because it really is a perfect carry on bag for a citytrip.

duffler one travel bag for city trip

Story from Brandon, living in the UK and visiting Budapest:

If you go to the Parliament and don't do the tour then you have really missed on an important place in Budapest! Beautiful architecture and crown! Also, don't get forget to have the hot chocolate with cream in the cafe next to the ticket buying area! I was lucky enough to see a Flag ceremony on our first night in Budapest which doesn’t happen very often. The Parliament Building is quite spectacular during the day but you have to see it in all its glory at night and if possible during a boat cruise truly a magnificent sight.

As a young single man, I enjoyed the Budapest Danube River Dinner Cruise We had a wonderful evening with our traveling companions. The scenery along the Danube at night was spectacular. The variety of foods at the buffet was good and most were very tasty. The complimentary wine and beer were poor, but the selection for purchase was adequate.

The small traditional Hungarian band was quite entertaining. The staff were attentive and did their best to make us welcome. On the downside, our ship was rather dated and the staff apologized as it was their first time serving aboard it. Although we were pick up at our hotel at the designated time, we had to wait on a dirt embankment for quite a while before a gate was opened to make our way to the ship's gangway. Really enjoyed this river cruise with dinner.

The Danube is beautiful at night with the buildings and bridges all lit up. The boat was lovely, and once on-board we received our welcome drink champagne and were shown to our table. A small band plays violin's etc. which is a nice touch. The food is delicious buffet style so you queue up along the 2 sides of the boat inside. It doesn't take too long though. We still saw all the main things palace, chain bridge etc. but it does go quickly so if you want to take photos, as soon as you've finished eating, get outside onto the decks to take them as you'll be back to the mooring before you know it. Still a lovely way to spend a couple of hours on the Danube though.

Benefits of a DUFFLER One:

  • Doesn't make you look like a tourist.
  • Very flexible and fits things needed for several days until a week.
  • The shoe bag is a great help to keep the bag clean.
  • 5 pockets make it easy to stay organised.
  • The DUFFLER App will notify you when you have made an achievement that gives you a Badge.
  • You can purchase a custom travel badge for any other memory.