About Us

This world is full of experiences just waiting for us to explore them. And for every adventure we accomplish we get a new story to hold on to. A new story that add another nuance to who we are.

To get the most out of travelling the world you need to trust your abilities and your equipment. Both should be reliable and work under the most varying conditions. 

With this in mind, DUFFLER was born to inspire people to find new parts of the world. The core and soul of the brand is something as fundamental as highly durable and reliable bags that will serve their owner during the most challenging adventures. More over, our bags are made to get a deeper meaning in people life. They are made to become a travel companion that supports and inspires them through out life. A companion that collects the memories and stories of what you have been achieving together. 

DUFFLER was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have customers all over the world that are out traveling the world with their bags. And our ambition is to establish DUFFLER, not just as great bags, but also as a platform for vagabonds and active people to find new breathtaking experiences.


Welcome to the world of DUFFLER

/Tobias Vahlne
CEO & Founder


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