About Us

This world is so full of experiences just waiting for us to go after them. And for every adventure we accomplish we get a new little story to hold on to. But we are also living in an era where more and more things become perishable and where time is rushing by. How do we manage to keep track of all our stories and memories that we spread among images, videos or social media? And how could we pass on all these stories that we are a part of?

We were looking for something that could both carry our garment during adventures as well as carrying our stories through life. The result is DUFFLER.

DUFFLER manufactures great looking bags that come with a number of unique features, both in terms of its functional design as in its abilities to carry your stories.

DUFFLER is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but is truly a global brand. Our ambition is to establish DUFFLER, not just as great bags, but also as a platform for vagabonds and active people to find new breathtaking experiences.