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Welcome to the World of DUFFLER, a virtual hub for active individuals and vagabonds looking to share their stories. Stories that come out of the bag worn by people who take their bag everywhere.

Whether you're walking along cobblestones in your neighborhood or scaling cliffsides in search of an adventure, it's the stories you take home with you that make life-lasting memories.

That's where we come in. At Duffler, our attitude is all about exploring the world, creating your own stories and making memories that will last a lifetime. Our flagship luggage, the DUFFLER One, is designed to be a constant component in your active lifestyle. It is your constant companion, your spirit of adventure and the proof of your achievements. Hop on our Duffler World App to contribute your experiences, take inspiration, or share your own aspirations for the day.

Having a DUFFLER bag is a way of life.

DUFFLER Bags are specifically designed to serve its owner during the most challenging adventures. With long-lasting quality, timeless style and a 10-year warranty, they're made to be more than just a bag. Fashioned to be the ultimate companion, the Duffler bag will see you through the thick and thin of wherever the road takes you. Whether that's at work or on a mountain, Duffler is there with you.


Don't count the days. Let the days count.
Founded in 2013, Duffler is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our customers, the Duffler Crowd, are all over the world traveling with their bags. Follow in their footsteps on Instagram or Twitter with #duffler and #dufflertravel.

Welcome to the World of Duffler.

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