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Welcome to the World of DUFFLER, a crossroad where passionate individuals and vagabonds meet. They are all on a constant quest for experiences and adventures that will add another dimension to their life. They also let their bag become a symbol for the things they care about; stunning locations, challenging races or because they are proud to be part of something bigger.

We hare happy to see how DUFFLERs from all over the world visits amazing locations like capitals, cities, mountains, waterfalls and landmarks. Some are easier to reach while others are harder. Others participate in races or events. And we are extremely happy to be able to reward every one of you with a badge to put on your bag when you have achieved something you are proud of. And its easy to get your badge. Just follow the instructions below;

    1. Post a picture on Instagram showing your DUFFLER bag in a way that the location or activity is possible to grasp. Say a few words about your achievement.
    2. Add a location to the post
    3. Use the Hashtags #DUFFLER and #DUFFLERbadge and tag @DUFFLER_Bags
    4. The DUFFLER Team will reach out to you about the address and ship you the badge within 5 working days.
    5. If the achievement is something special, we will also make sure that the whole DUFFLER community sees your achievement by reposting the image on our official @duffler_bags Instagram account.



Terms and Conditions
  • The badge is normally shipped within 5 working days. 
  • Badges are shipped with normal mail so it could take between 3-10 days depending of the destination. No tracking code is provided.
  • Only badges from the list of locations above are possible to order via Instagram. Additional badges need to be ordered via our web-shop.