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This is a list of questions and answers about the DUFFLER One and the DUFFLER One Classic. If you might have a question that is not listed on this page then please use the chat window on this page or get in touch with our team through the contact page.

Which materials are used in the two bags?
PU coated Nylon, 200 g/m2. Lining: 100% PES, 117 g/m2. Durable YKK Brass Zippers.

Note that these materials are used in line with military specifications (milspecs) which guarantees a very high quality and durability.

What's new on the DUFFLER One bag?
- An integrated, but removable, light-weight baseplate.
- A Personal Branding Area that could fit velcro patches.

How does the integrated baseplate on the new DUFFLER One bag work?
In the bottom of the bag there is a sleeve where the baseplate is fitted. The baseplate is made from thin but durable PVC. To install or remove the baseplate just turn the bag inside out for easy access. For bags shipped directly from us the baseplate comes separately in the box and needs to be installed.

How many pockets does the DUFFLER One and the Classic have?
They have 4 pockets inside and 1 pocket outside:

  • Inside pockets: 2 small + 1 large + 1 concealed.
  • Outside pockets: 1 small.

What is the exact size?
They are both cabin size with the following dimensions; L*W*H: 570mm * 270mm* 300mm / 22.5” * 10.5″ * 11.8″.

What is the volume of a DUFFLER One?
The volume is approx 45L / 2746 cu.in.

What is the weight of an empty DUFFLER One bag?
It is approximately 1kg / 2.2lbs.

What colors are available?
DUFFLER One is available in Coyote (Medium Beige), Tarmac (Green/Gray) and Black.

DUFFLER One Classic is available in Coyote (Medium Beige) and Tarmac (Green/Gray).

What is included in the package I am ordering?
Both bags includes a shoulder strap and is delivered in a small nylon bag. The DUFFLER One also includes the lightweight baseplate.

How does it work with the DUFFLER badges?
All our bags includes a certain amount of badges that gets added to your account in the DUFFLER World App. These are badges you could order along the way based on the achievements you have made. When you have used the badges that was included with the bag you could top up your account with more badges.
You could also order tailor made badges from our webshop.

What is the warranty on the DUFFLER One travel bag?
All our bags comes with a 10-year warranty. Please read the details about the warranty policy here.

Are the bags waterproof?
The fabric is waterproof but not the seams and zippers. What this means in plain simple is that the content within your bag remains dry if the bag is in the rain though you cannot bring the bag into water like the sea or a swimming pool.

Does the bags stand high and low temperatures?
The bag is resistant against extreme temperatures, i.e. hot and freeze. During  different expeditions our bags have stood temperatures from +45 to -38 degrees Celsius (+113 to -30 Fahrenheit).


Your question is not listed on this page? Please use the chat window on this page or ask your question through ourcontact page.