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We at DUFFLER have worked closely with THISWORLDEXISTS since 2015, and we're super excited to share all the great things this fantastic organization has been doing to support education around the world. TWE are adventure travel guides that blend travel and volunteer projects to adventurers looking to give back during their time abroad. What makes TWE special is that, as well as bringing a lot of value to communities in need, also organize super cool adventures around the world.

The funds raised on these tours are used to support educational projects in Nepal, Cambodia and Mexico. And from our perspective, we can't think of a better organization to team up with and sponsor. 

We encourage you to learn more at www.thisworldexists.org and don't forget to check when and where their next adventure will be!

Care to take part? How it works: 

  1. Go to a product page for one of our bag offers
  2. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a checkbox; THISWORLDEXISTS SUPPORT
  3. Check that box before you add the bag to the cart
  4. This will add 10€ to the total amount in return for an embroidered TWE Logo.
  5. Finally, we'll match your support with an additional 15€ for a total of 25€ toward TWE's efforts in developing communities.