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The One Classic - TWE Exclusive Offer

DUFFLER bags have been used by some of the THISWORLDEXISTS crew members for years. Our bags have been tested in tough environments from high altitudes to rough terrain. 

Now we have the pleasure, together with THISWORLDEXISTS, to give you a unique 40% discount on a few rare DUFFLER One Classic bags. Not only will you get a fantastic bag for a great price, for each bag purchased, DUFFLER will send a 15€ contribution to THISWORLDEXISTS. The TWE Logo will be on the bag as a token of our appreciation for their unflagging dedication to their mission.

So, don't wait! Get one while we still have a few left in stock. 


DUFFLER One Classic is the ultimate bag for people who want something tangible out of their adventures. It is a cabin-sized hand luggage that combines Swedish design with military-grade quality.

We’ve designed our signature bag to last a lifetime, with a bold yet minimalistic design that blends into any surroundings—whether you're out on a Serengeti safari or on a train to Budapest.

With its smart, timeless design, it seamlessly complements other travel luggage, yet stands out among the crowd with heaps of attitude.

TWE Offer

Unique and Personal

The DUFFLER One proudly bears the marks of the adventures you take it on. Distinguish it from the horde of airline luggage with special badges and a personalized engraving with your name. Each bag is identified by a unique identity number, which connects the bag to your profile in the DUFFLER World App.


The DUFFLER One Classic includes 5 badges to be ordered via the DUFFLER World App. They will be added to your account when you connect the bag. Find out more here


With the DUFFLER World App, you can get inspired with other Dufflers around the world, show off your adventures and pinpoint your mark on the map. Find out how here

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