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THE ONE - Summer Companion

Handle your Summer Adventures in Style. The DUFFLER One is the ultimate good-looking companion to take on holiday. 

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This is the 2nd-generation DUFFLER One. We've perfected it to perform both at work and in the wild. As the DUFFLER One Classic, it's a cabin-sized duffle bag that combines Swedish design and high durability. The 10 Year Warranty speaks for it self.

What's New?

- Integrated Lightweight Baseplate. In the bottom of the bag, there's a sleeve with a removable baseplate that lends stability to overall structure.

- Personal Branding Area. A strip on the front where you can fit Velcro patches (not included) and add your own unique flair to your Duffler. Tie on a flag, iron a name tag, or other bits to make it your own. 

As with all our products, we’ve designed our signature bag to last a lifetime, with a bold yet minimalistic design that blends into any surroundings—whether it’s on a Serengeti safari or a train to Budapest.

With its smart, timeless design, it seamlessly complements other travel luggage, yet stands out among the crowd with plenty of attitude.

Share the Attitude

Unique and Personal
DUFFLER One proudly bears the marks of the adventures you take it on. Distinguish it from the horde of airline luggage with special badges that mark your achievements and destinations. Make it yours with a personalized engraving with your name. Each bag is identified by a unique identity number, which connect you to other Duffler Adventurers via the DUFFLER World App.


The DUFFLER One includes 5 badges that you can order via the DUFFLER World App. They'll automatically be added to your account when you connect the bag.

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