The DUFFLER Drop Bag

Don't get fooled by its discreet looks. The Drop Bag is the versatile bag that adapts to your need. It comes with both a detachable shoulder- and waist strap. The shoulder strap could be adjusted or removed depending of your mood. Remove it completely when you just want to carry it by hand or tune it to work as a messenger bag. Use the waist strap when you go running on the beach or bicycling for work.

Two pockets on the inside for keys, phones or other personal things. There is also our soft lining that could fit our additional pockets.

Like our other bags it has an ID number and slots for our DUFFLER Badges.


The DUFFLER Drop Bag includes 3 badges to be ordered via the DUFFLER World App. They will be added to your account when you connect the bag.

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